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“Fujuso” and other Japanese Marketing Stuff

In my last blog post I discussed the ZARA marketing concept and the role of advertisement in general those days. I found out that advertising itself is still up to date but is referred to the social media and communication … Continue reading

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Motives in the background

H&M? Against Aids Campaign ! Pro7? Red Nose Day! Red Bull? Sport! McDonalds? McDonalds Kinderhilfe-Stiftung! But how about Zara? Or Youtube? Etc. Zara is the biggest clothes retailer of the world, but who pulls the strings? Who do we give … Continue reading

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Zara’s fast fashion ideology vs. vintage clothing becoming a mainstream product

The fast fashion industry is growing incredibly fast and finds new followers every day. Wearing fashionable clothes and always keeping up with the latest runway trends have become as normal as having a cup of coffee in the morning. We … Continue reading

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Lost in a world of mass consumption

You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black! -No wait- Now there’s also blue, red, green, yellow, magenta…. “You can have any colour you want as long as it’s black!” – This famous quotation was uttered … Continue reading

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Fashion – how trends are made

ZARA, that’s the big fashion retailer that makes fashion addicts feel like in heaven. Why? Because they have beautiful chic designs, light fabrics and shapes, relatively high quality clothes, and this particular “atmosphere” for little money. But ever thought of how … Continue reading

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The fine line between inspiration and plagiarism

The mankind has been stealing as long as people exist. But apparently, nowadays it is a bit more than stealing apples from your neighbor’s garden: today theft happens in more various and more complicated ways than you could imagine – … Continue reading

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How to be successful without any advertisement

What comes in your mind when you think about a ZARA advertisement? Nothing? Well, you are right, there is actually nothing to visualize because the fashion retailer never campaigned for itself. No TV spots, no placards and no press advertisement … Continue reading

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