Motives in the background

H&M? Against Aids Campaign !
Pro7? Red Nose Day!
Red Bull? Sport!
McDonalds? McDonalds Kinderhilfe-Stiftung!
But how about Zara?
Or Youtube?

Zara is the biggest clothes retailer of the world, but who pulls the strings?
Who do we give our money when we buy this cute new dress?
What do they do with our money? You don’t know right?
Or Youtube, everyone uses youtube, it’s easy and convinient. It generates billions of revenue per year with advertisement, but since it was bought by Google in 2006 do you have any idea what happens with this advertisement money? No you don’t.
Then again think about it, from how many companys do you know what happens with the revenue they earn? Besides paying the employees and bills? Sure some will be invested into new projects but what about the rest? What if they finance in secret the preparations of World War III? Or a project to revive Hitler?

Ok that sounds a little unrealistic, but let me give you a real example:
You all know ‘Müllermilch’ right? You probably drank it before, too.
What would you do if I told you, that the brand ‘Müller’ has been supporting
the german ‘Nazi’ party NPD for years?
Or ‘Heineken’ the famous german beer brand? Yummy beer by the way, but don’t choke on it, when you get to know, that they support brutal dog fights in Asia.
And this is just a tiny little part of what can and has to be discovered.
For the normal consumer it is almost impossible to know things like that. They can only be discovered through a great deal of research.

But who has time for that in this age where everything has to be fast.
Fast food, fast fashion, fast cars, fast, faster, always even faster.
That’s why todays society needs a place where important information like that is revealed.
That is what we are here to do.
That’s why we FAST EXPOSURE.
Look forward to more!


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6 Responses to Motives in the background

  1. kizaza says:

    I didn’t know that the Germans adopted “Heineken” :).

  2. lilmeu says:

    I also have this “Müllermilch”=”NPD” picture in mind when I am in the supermarket; and indeed, I rather buy milk of another brand than this one 🙂
    Nice and interesting blog post, well done!

  3. Mai says:

    Oh wow, I did not know that with Müllermilch and Heineken. Really interesting and I want to know more. Searched the internet about Heineken supporting dog fights and found some pictures from Mongolia.
    I think this is just a perfect example how fast a company can stain their image one the one hand and how it is perceived due to the media on the other hand. I mean nowadays you really have to be careful what to publish and what to support, due to social expectations and commonly opinions.
    I believe that can be a great lesson not only for future entrepreneurs, but for everybody including us.

  4. Blabliblub says:

    Wow! I did not know all that and have never really asked myself these questions. You don’t think about what, other than the actual product, your money might be sponsoring and now I am surely going to think twice before buying Heineken – although it is one of my favorites 😉 And it truly shocked me to read about Müllermilch and the NPD. Do you have any more information on how much of their budget is spent on supporting these actions or how they justify it? I believe Heineken claims that they were sponsoring some other event at that dog fighting place the night before but that seems kind of doubtful, since they don’t specify which event. I would have loved some more information, since those are really strong accusations, but I think you capture what this Blog is hoping to be about really well and pose a lot of interesting and stimulating questions!

  5. nourann says:

    HAHA! Your sarcasm is just great. I love when brands are unmasked this way. I knew about Müller, that´s why I stopped buying it when I was 13 years old already (especially being Turkish I cannot justify buying Müller products knowing what is going on 🙂 ). These facts should not be out of sight for our course since we all study business and might eventually end up working for one of these companies!

    Looking forward to more of this stuff! Thanks for the hint on my blog by the way.

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