The power of social media

“”Hey, did you see these really cool vintage sunglasses on”
“When did you have time to look for new sunglasses? You should do something for uni.”
“No, I just saw it on facebook. I thing I’ll get them, they are only £18.00!”

I guess everybody knows this kind of situation. Everybody has a facebook account, checks his or her news feed at least once a day, and there the wave comes, a tsunami full of new status updates, pictures and posts from some pages or companies you “liked”.
And there comes the burning desire to shop something. Why? because you subscribed to the official H&M page, Asos page.
But that’s not it. Your favourite musician has released a new single, is going to have a concert in town and ticket are on for sale. It takes less than one minute and a few klicks for you to be the happiest person on earth.

That’s the way Social Media works. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are perfect platforms for marketing of the big modern firms. And it seems like they are more and more substituting traditional ways of advertising.

How to be successful without any advertisement, we already showed you in a blogpost earlier on. Zara is the best example, no big placard campaigns or frequently played TV spots; there are no huge amounts of money spent on expensive ad campaigns worldwide. But still, ZARA is in everybody’s mind when you need a new blouse or new shoes. Why that? We gave you lots of reasons for that. And there was this one aspect in particular that is gaining more and more importance in today’s marketing strategies: Social Media is the magic word. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and many more online platforms offer a new stage for huge brand campaigns, sometimes even for free! So why not? To be honest, refusing to set up a Facebook page for your company could be your end.

Business – Social Media = FAIL. Businesses need to have a social media presence just for the sake of being able to know what people are saying about them and their products.  Like it or not people are talking about your business, they are talking the good stuff, bad stuff and ugly stuff.  Not only are they talking but their friends and followers are listening.  Research shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements.  For that reason, every business should have someone that understands social media assigned and responsible for their social media presence.

That’s blogger Scott Williams’ opinion ( and he might be right. Once a person has “liked” your page or subscribed to you, he or she is just one klick away from the fastest updates, without loosing time of e.g. printing ad posters or filming long TV ads for your company.

In fact, the new facebook timeline with its huge banner seems like a big new opportunity for advertising, doesn’t it?

Another example is famous brand Coca Cola. They do not only have a facebook page, but a Twitter and Youtube account as well.

Other than for advertising purpose, social media seem to be a perfect way to connect to your potential future customers, you get feedback without huge effort.

“What’s in it for me?” you might ask. Actually there is a lot. As mentioned before, you have the newest information available, you can share your opinions and even complaints. Often you can even get direct help or service via Facebook and Twitter ( You wanna know if this new restaurant is good and  reserve a table for two ? Check if they have a Facebook page and post your reservation!)

Social media even encourage you to work for your favorite company. Zara for example included an employment ad on their Facebook page.

So the next time you use social media, which is probably within the next hours, be aware of the fact that is often has more influence than you think it has!


About Mai

My name is Mai, I'm 23 years old and currently studying in Berlin. I am especially interested in different cultures, art, design and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. This is my first time blogging, I will try to provide many interesting and diverse topics and inspirations for you to read. I'm open for discussions, feedback and ideas from other bloggers, so don't be shy if there are any questions or suggestions. Have fun exploring!
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6 Responses to The power of social media

  1. lilmeu says:

    Hey Mai 🙂
    Well, I also experienced these situations like you described in your sunglasses example. Of course, I have a facebook account as well and I “like” pages created by my favourite brands, stores or musicians. So, I feel well informed about the newest staff I am really interested in. But you have to make sure that you do not like or even sign in a webpage which just was created by a fan or a spammer; this could be very annoying (I also made this experience, trust me!)
    But let´s talking about your blog post 🙂
    I really like your pictures! They are very informative and fit the topic well. You made screenshots and use may used programmes like Picasa or Jing, don´t you? This makes your blog entry very eyecatching and I am motivated to read it till the end. In general, I rather prefer blog entries including more visuals and less text. So, what about a video in your next entry? 🙂

    • Mai says:

      Thank you for your comment on my post. In fact I tried to illustrate as much as possible and since this is a good topic to do so I did. Nice to hear that you experienced the same. Sometimes I catch myself getting attracted by these posts, therefore I decided to write about it.
      A video is a good idea, I will consider that for next time.

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  3. Nicpic says:

    Hi Mai,
    like Lilly I was immediately enticed by your pictures! I thought it was great that you really did use your own experience and facebook page (I recognized your profile picture^^). This made it feel really authentic and personal.
    After reading your post I got hung up on this sentence ” Research shows that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations and only 14% trust advertisements.” I realized that this could not be more true especially in my case. The people surrounding us have more influence on us than any Billboard! No matter how beautiful the model of a brand looks, if a friend suggests another one to me I am more likely to choose it for sure! As business people we need to be aware of this growing trend and opportunity, it will probably be mandatory for enterprises once we start working. -So thank you!
    I only want add that one quotation mark is missing and suggest that next time you try to bring out the sentences between the pictures more, because they’re easy to overlook. Maybe try framing your pictures or leaving a bigger space.
    Otherwise I thought this was a perfect post – informative, funny, revealing and easy to relate to all at once!

  4. katharinakueppers says:

    I really admire how much information all of your blog posts contain and how colorful/diverse they are.
    It’s fun to explore what kind of media you use and makes me curious as to what you are going to use next.
    But I have to agree with Nicky, that it somewhat hard to focus on the text you wrote, it sort of disappears next to all these wonderful pictures.
    Also I totally agree with one point you mentioned, that the new timeline with it’s new profil picture design really is perfect fpr advertisement and it makes me think if it wasn’t mainly done for this purpose. I would have enjoyed it if you maybe included a little bit of criticism (maybe only mention that there are also negative sideeffects of this gain of influence besides the obvious advantages, no need to describe), because I personally like to have a topic viewd from more than one perspective.
    Still it’s a very entertaining post and I enjoyed reading it.

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