Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

To any one interested, I found this live page by BBC very useful. It gives you the key points, a live stream and all relevants fact! Sorry I know it’s a bit late but I still wanted to share it!

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My name is Nicola but I usually go by Nicky. I'm 21 years old and study International Business Management at the HWR in Berlin. Before moving to Berlin I spent a year traveling around Southeast Asia as well as Australia. I am very passionate about different cultures, languages and exploring the world, which is partially due to the fact that I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for four and a half years. Apart from that I am a huge music fan and love doing all sorts of team sports, whether it's Basketball, Soccer or Volleyball. Fastexposure is my first Blog, which I am really enjoying so far! I try to offer a great variety of topics always with a hint of humour and some personal experiences since I find those stories are easier and more enjoyable to read! Still I hope I can also always offer some interesting new facts. If you have any further questions,input, ideas or would like to be included as a part time Blogger just contact me! Cheers and enjoy our Blog!
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4 Responses to Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

  1. Anna-lou Bastillette says:

    Me voilà vraiment désapointée.J’ai contribué à faire élire François Hollande au deuxième tour parce que je croyais au changement qui était promis et à la conception d’une majorité irréprochable. Quelle déception de constater que François Hollande va choisir en tant que premier ministre Jean Marc Ayrault, qui est tout sauf irréprochable. Ayrault a tout de même était l’objet d’une condamnation à 6 mois de prison pour fait de favoritisme ! Quelle déception..

  2. angi2012 says:

    You’ve probably searched for a long time in order to find a great summary 😉
    Anyway, I’ve read it and it makes a lot more fun to read these short facts as eternally long texts. Nevertheless I would have liked a personal opinion in addition.

    • Nicpic says:

      Hi angie,
      duely noted, but this wasn’t an actual blog post. I just wanted to distibute this great site while the election was still an issue 😀

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