Visual aesthetics I – a short introduction

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In our blog we already  talked a lot about advertising, may it be special scarcity strategies like Zara is using, or  new platforms social media is offering. So far many information about strategic ways.

Let’s talk aboout another aspect: the visual one.

Every ad campaign has a message, and this message is delivered through what? Yes, indeed through pictures or visuals. But nowadays that is way not enough. These visuals have to include many aspects to consider. Just to name some:

  • they have to be unique in order to be catchy.
  • they should be appealing.
  • they put associations in our heads.
  • they use symbols.
  • they make us desire something.

With all these aspects, pictures are often overloaded with colors, details, symbols and many more little pieces.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Many of you are familiar with this saying. But a thousand words, aren’t that too much? The purpose of advertisement is to bring one message across, ins’t it? Therefore a picture could provoque too much associations, putting the original purpose in the background.

What about only using words in order to reach the audience? Not enough you believe? Well, advertisers are now giving importance to a potential critical but relatively underestimated executional element that is typography.

Typography is a very important element of word-driven advertising, such as in the print media and the internet. It has a significant potential to influence motivation and ability of an advertising message. Advertisers often fail to realize the impact that the typography of a message can have on the consuming audience especially children. Whether you are selling office desks London or cosmetics, it is important to understand the state-of-mind of the concerned audience and design the typography accordingly.

Aesthetics and visual design have always been a crucial point of marketing and business. But nowadays it has incredible dimensions. Design is gaining more and more attention, and it is beautiful to get inspired by it.

For more inspiration visit:

To be continued…

About Mai

My name is Mai, I'm 23 years old and currently studying in Berlin. I am especially interested in different cultures, art, design and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. This is my first time blogging, I will try to provide many interesting and diverse topics and inspirations for you to read. I'm open for discussions, feedback and ideas from other bloggers, so don't be shy if there are any questions or suggestions. Have fun exploring!
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8 Responses to Visual aesthetics I – a short introduction

  1. Nicpic says:

    Hi Mai,
    again great post!
    The idea is really creative and original. Something I had not fully realized or thought about yet!
    The selection of pictures is also really great and very diverse.
    You provide further information by the links inserted at the bottom, still I would have loved for you to elaborate on the subject a little bit more.
    However you manage to include all formal aspects in your post, truely showing your mastery of HTML! This is admirable and even the list of words you include in the beginning of your post directly relates to your topic, even if the words seem a bit random at first 😉
    Nicely done!

    • Mai says:

      Hey Nici, thanl you for your reply. I’m going to write a part 2 about this topic, where I will elaborate on that and provide more information. This should only be a short and quick introduction to my next post 😉

  2. xxanh says:

    Ahoi Mai,

    Very good blogpost. Since we are always talking about marketing and advertisement it was really interesting that you brought up a new point in this field. We are walking down the street and don’t notice in what kind of “visualize-advertising” environment we are living. You are very precise but with few words-I like that a lot. During the text you caught my attention very fast because you name facts and not are just talking about the topics. Also that you provided the definition of typography was very good, I never heard about it, therefore I am really glad. The images are well chosen and support your topic. The only thing is that I am a little bit confused about the order of the images and also that there is no title or reference, maybe for the next time you could emphasize more on that, because for me it was not clear what do you exactly want to show which each picture. Anyway, great post and I am looking forward to your next post 🙂

    • Mai says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Anh. Actually it was intended to confuse you a little bit, the pictures should just provide a short impression of the topic and be inspiring to make readers curious. I’m going to write a part 2, where I elaborate on that topic a little bit further.

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  4. Nicole says:

    Hi Mai, very neat post!
    In our business class, we are always concerned about business models, CSR and all that stuff. Even if this is important, we shouldn’t forget about good advertising. I am glad that you introduced some new features of advertising design that I have never seen before. For the first part of your topic, I think it is enough to generally introduce your readers to the topic. What I am now interested in: Where is the real business part in advertising design? How are companies able to create such nice advertising campaigns?
    Nevertheless, really well done! Especially the choice of photos. Now, I am interested in reading the second part of your blog post.

    • Mai says:

      Hey Nicole,
      Thanks fpr your feedback. It’s nice to hear that my post is of interest for some of you guys. I hope I can answer your question in the following posts 😀

  5. Merely wish to point out your article is as shocking. The lucidity in your post is just excellent and i might assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to pick up your Rss to keep current with approaching post. Thank you a million and also please carry on the fulfilling work.

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