The ultimate weapon against WWIII … at least in some way

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present you AIESEC.
The ultimate weapon against World war III … so to say.

‘Association internationale des étudiants en sciences économiques et commerciales (abbreviated AIESEC pronounced “aie-sek”), is a global youth organization that develops leadership capabilities through their internal leadership programmes and engaging students and graduates in international student exchange and internship programmes for profit and non-profit organizations.’ (Wikipedia)

So why exactly would a student organisation be important to prevent war?

Well, as its motto >> Empowering young people for peace and the fulfillment of humankind’s potential << and the short definition indicate, it created a student network all around the world, where young people meet, exchange and share ideas, have mind-broadening and connecting experiences on an economic base. With this cultural exchange people from very different countries get to know and explore each other and their cultures, which leads to better understanding.
And this, as we all know that war is mostly caused by misunderstandings, can prevent wars from happening.
Of course this sounds a little fluffy, a critique AIESECers often have to deal with, but it’s actually true!
(If you want to get to know more details about AIESEC and how it works check out xxanh‘s post ‘AIESEC-the global youth voice‘ or its official website)

As I was recently lucky to discover, AIESEC is all about sharing ideas.
Why was I able to get to know this little secret and why am I so enthusiastic about AIESEC anyway?
Well, telling you, that I am an AIESECer myself should answer both questions just perfectly, right?:))
Anyway back to topic, just this sunday I had the opportunity to participate in a ‘Selling Workshop’ done by Connie Xu, a chinese AIESECer who is currently traveling around the world to share her knowledge about ‘Selling’ with all the other AIESEC members out there. By the way, I write ‘Selling’ in double quote because we don’t really sell anything, we just try to convince companies to take our trainees and to work together with us.
Connie Xu is truly amazing, she is an AIESECer on national basis (China), a position comparable to being a governor.
Even if you don’t fully understand the ways AIESEC is organized, let me tell you that she is an important person, well, as important a 21 year old student can be in a student organisation…
And this person visited us in our local committee and shared her ‘Selling Tricks’ with us. I was stunned how competent, charismatic, strong and eloquent she was. I even got to see her in action, as I was able to attend a company meeting with her, where she convinced the Managing Director to work together with AIESEC.
Absolutely AMAZING!

Ok, enough of my fan-girling, but seriously, if she had a fan page, i’d most definitely subscribe to it!
Thinking about it, I’m proud to be in the same organisation, which turned her into the person she is now and I hope that I can become just as impressive as her. And finally I can also see what my ‘Professor’ in university (Business Applications) ment went he kept talking about how important sharing ideas is,well he tried to tell us with stories about dancing, but even that makes sense now.
My point is that by sharing ideas and knowledge we can create a better future.

Be open minded,
Be communicative,
Be ready,

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8 Responses to The ultimate weapon against WWIII … at least in some way

  1. Nicpic says:

    Hi Kathi,
    AIESEC an impressive organization I did not know anything about. That was before I read your and anh’s post! I think it is great that you chose to elaborate on a topic someone had already introduced especially since AIESEC directly speaks to the majority of us students (or so I can imagine). AIESEC addresses the future our future and as international students I think all of us think this is a great organization.
    On the other hand I think your post would have been even better if you had focused on one specific aspect of AIESEC, as for example the sharing of information and had offered further insights into this topic.
    Nonetheless I think it is a great post! I like that you offer more information by including the links and I think a little video is always a great addition to any Blog post.
    For how long have you been a member? And what kind of events have you already visited or done with regard to AIESEC? Do you have any responsibilities?
    Cheers Nicky

    • katharinakueppers says:

      I just became a member about 2 months ago, but I feel like it has been longer, because the people are so welcoming that you instantly bond with them. Unfortunately I havn’t been able to participate in that many events yet, because I have been out of Berlin very often recently. About responsibilities, I am just about to discover what they are, since I’m still a newbie:)
      Thank you for your interest 😉

  2. lilmeu says:

    Hey Kathi!
    I have to agree with Nicpic: I also have never heard about AIESEC before. That´s why I like your blog posts: I always discover something new! I was very interested in reading your post because of your title “The ultimate weapon against WWIII … at least in some way”. I asked myself:
    Does she really write about some high-tech nuclear weapons?
    Or about something secret?
    You have chosen a very good and exciting title because I really wanted to figured about what you mean with “weapon”; therefore, I was really interested while reading your post.
    Then I recognized, that the “weapon” is embodied by a students organization; I couldn´t believe it! How can a students organization prevent WW3? This question leads me to continue reading again. Your explications are very adequate as well. Especially your personal relation to AIESEC makes your post very exciting and emotional!
    I would love to hear more about your experiences with AIESEC in the future!

  3. sabrinacz says:

    Hey Kathi,
    I really liked your post, AIESEC is a very interesting organization and I am happy to get to know it through your post! It is a great tool to improve the international understanding and getting to know other cultures. Have you heard something about silimar organizations?
    You also chose an appealing heading, it really aroused my interest, because I also wrote a post about the future of our world, however with a very different focus (Club of Rome).
    So all in all, your post is really great because it additionally attracts the reader because of the interesting illustrations – the picutres and the video.
    However I would have appreciated, if you had focussed more on the topic of your heading and had wrote more on the aspect of avoiding WW3. Nevertheless, the post is very interesting, overall for us students!

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  5. Mai says:

    Thanks Kathi for this post about AIESEC. I got a flyer some weeks ago and now I regret that I didn’t go to the meeting. It sounds really interesting and fun. Anh and you have tell me more about it the next time.
    But now about your post. I liked that you gave a short definition first, makes the topic a little bit clearer. In addition, I have to agree with the others that the heading is a little bit confusing. But that is not a big deal, what about another additional post answering the question of being a weapon against WWII? 😉

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