Visual aesthetics II – choosing the right font

In my last post I started to enter the world of typography and design since it is gaining more and more importance in advertising industry. But what is important to know about fonts and design from a business point of view? What makes a design bad or good?

What is often forgotten is the fact that typography is a central component of design and one of the primary ways of communication. Just think of the Middle Ages, where the first letter was depicted as a masterpiece of art, framing the whole page, which made it appealing to read.

Typography has been passed from generations and changed during many years.
Today, there are millions of typefaces that can be found and that are used in business and marketing. Therefore it is not unusual to find typography everywhere, whether it be in magazines, newspapers, movie posters, album covers, tv shows or on web pages. Due to this variety of typography and fonts, it is crucial to have a thought about design when doing business. Christine Erickson‘s statement is the following:

The old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is sometimes hard to overcome in the business world. How you present yourself aesthetically is important, no matter how solid your business plan is.

And she is not the only one with this opinion. Online platforms like We♥type or Visualswirl suggest the same aspect.
So what is then important to consider when choosing a design or typography font?

According to, there are several reasons why choosing the right font is essential to a business’ success:

  • It gives more value.
    Choosing a well fitted font to the industry and the product, it will be easily associated with it. For example, if your company is operating in mobile phone industry and you use fonts similar to those of Samsung or Apple, users will have the same positive attitude towards your company.
  • It gives the right message.
    Every font has its different attitude and impact, so consider this in your choice when you want to convey the right message. You should not use curly or childish font when representing a serious industry e.g. a bank.
  • It shows professionalism.
    When your font is suiting your type of project and looking professional, it will gain trust of the readers. Again, a bank’s typography should be rather elegant and minimalistic instead of curly and colorful in order to leave a professional impression.
  • It adds more appeal.
    No one wants to look at badly designed work. The more appealing your design, the more readers there are. The first impression is always the important one when attracting customers.
  • It enhances presentation.
    A design is always a presentation of your company to the world, therefore it should be well chosen. It should suit your image of the company.
  • It makes information interesting.
    Information can be very boring. For this reason using a good typography font can make information a lot more interesting and fun to read. On top of that, it will be easier to remember.
  • It reflects personality.
    Whether your company is rather serious or open to innovation, everything can be reflected in your design and choice of typography font. Thus try to add a little personality when choosing the right font for your company or business.
  • It gives more clarity.
    Be careful when choosing the font; less often is better. The font you are using should be readable and clear, then you will be able to convey your message you want to.
  • It establishes branding and identity.
    Through consistent and appealing use of design and font, you can establish your identity and brand. Choose a font that is rather timeless and memorable. Best examples are Coca Cola or Apple.
  • It makes it catchy.
    Making your design catchy, you will be able to communicate to your target group since they are willing to read what you are doing. Of course other aspects such as color and font size are also important, but this is going to far for this post.

Let’s have a look at one example of Burger King.

In this case the font is arranged in a way that it creates a picture of a burger. Therefore it is immediately associated with the food chain, at the same time the message of a delicious burger is clearly stated. The consumer is getting hungry when looking at the poster. The choice of words makes the reader connect to positive feelings.
The presentation is unique and memorable, showing the personality of BurgerKing and representing a perfect example of branding.

So far a lot of aspects to consider as an entrepreneur. But what about the technical aspect of typography and fonts? What about type families, font size, alignment etc.?

Stay tuned for basics of typography

In the meanwhile, thinking about establishing your own brand and in need of a font? Try out some fonts on or


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3 Responses to Visual aesthetics II – choosing the right font

  1. katharinakueppers says:

    Ok, a little of critique first, I think your title is not the strongest! I wasn’t attracted to it at all. I didn’t want to read your post at all, but then I saw the frst picture and I thought ‘wow, this could really be interesting’. So good job on that! Also you made good usage of a list. Very well arranged indeed. It made all the points very clear. I think besides the choice of title your post is close to the perfect blog post! And thinking about it afterwards, the title makes perfect sense, I mean once you get over the hesitation to read the post 😀 Your post is very diverse (pictures, list, links), therefor a simple clean title fits well too.

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