Summer break

Up until now I’ve posted mainly about serious topics, I think it’s time for a change! Look outside, the weather is beautiful, 30°C and blue sky. Summer, you are finally here and I am welcoming you with my whole heart.
So what are your plans for the summer?
Personally I love to spent my summer days at the beach, dozing in the sun and enjoying the day.
But I can’t live without some hot, sweaty action!

“Volleyball is like a virus, you can’t get away from it!” (Quote: Hermine Ozanik)

Hermine Ozanik is just a Volleyball fan, but she realized what millions of (Beach-) Volleyball players around the globe are feeling, ADDICTION!

But an addiction can have dangerous sideeffects… how about Beach Volleyball, can people live with this particular addiction?
What a stupid question, of course everyone can live with it, as every sport it naturally bears its risks, but what interests me more is, can you live FROM it?
(To avoid any misunderstanding, I’m talking about Germany here)
Beachvolleyball as a job? I mean why not, all the soccer players from “Bundesliga” and other important leagues play it on professional (fulltime) base and earn themselves a golden nose with it. But soccer is a far more popular sport than Volleyball… does it still work?
For Beachvolleyball definitely YES!

You play a tournament with your partner and if it’s big enough and you win it you can get price money in a 6 digit amount. Therefor you can find a lot of professioanl beachvolleyball players.

For Volleyball in general unfortunately NO!
It’s a different system, like soccer, you play in a league (f.e. Bundesliga) and get paid by your club. And trust me, they don’t pay you much! No way this little payment could replace a fulltime job.

But why is that?

Actually it has a pretty simple reason. Let me ask you, where do sportclubs get their money from? Right, mostly from advertising.
Companys sponser sportclubs to advertise for them to get their name known to the public and make more revenue. That’s not a new thing.
But when a sport doesn’t have a lot of viewers, companys are very reluctant to give their money, because they don’t expect a lot of profit from it.
Therefore Volleyball clubs are very poor usually and can’t afford to pay their players more. Mystery solved.

Beachvolleyball on the other hand has huge crowds of spectators, ergo more sponsors, so we can meet a lot more professional, fulltime Beachvolleyball players out there.

I think it’s sad that most Volleyball players can’t afford to play fulltime!
If they can’t concentrate fully on the sport they will never reach the standart of other nations, like the US or Brazil.
And that is really a shame.

So guys, stop reading blogs and surfing the net, go outside and watch a nice Volleyball (or Beachvolleyball) match.

Tip: INCHEZ mixed cup
Saturday 02.06.12 & Sunday 03.06.12
Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 8
10115 Berlin

I promise you, you’ll have an amazing time! Especially the boys amongst you, you know how revealing the (Beach-) Volleyball uniforms are 😉




For more information
about upcoming matches
visit one of these websites:

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One Response to Summer break

  1. Mai says:

    Cool post Kathi 🙂
    I really like that you chose a different topic, which shows part of your person, since you are playing volleyball right? 😉
    Also, the question you discuss is interesting, I never thought of that, but now it is very clear to me.
    Moreover, your post is very diverse: video, pictures, links and even a tip for the weekend. Nice!
    What I recommend for your next posts: You should look for spelling mistakes. There are quite a few in your post 😉

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