This week on FastExposure

Have you recently gassed up?
If you did, you probably realized how enormous the gas price is!
But who is behind this price?

Oilcompanies, which earn themsleves a golden nose with our need to use a car.
ExxonMobil for example. Forbes’ No. 1 global leading company.
ExxonMobil, an american, multinational oil and gas corporation, was founded on 30th of November in 1999 (Texas).
Measured by revenue it is the biggest company in the world.

But who is ExxonMobil really?
This week we will take a closer look at various aspects of this global player.

Monday: Mirella – Lobbying

Tuesday: Kathi – External influences on Exxon

Wednesday: Lilly – Climate change

Thursday: Nicky – Corporate Social Responsibility

Friday: Mai – Alternative Energies

EXXONMOBIL – get ready to be exposed..

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