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In some of my posts I tried to explain how important it is for a company to consider visual as well as social media aspects. For advertising purposes, the combination of both is essential when it comes to attracting new customers and staying competitive.

The perfect example which proves this fact is Zara. We discussed Zara in-depth on our blog, and one can surely say that their success it partly because of their design including minimalistic fonts, aesthetically appealing compositions of text an images on their website as well as their online presence on social communities such as Facebook and Twitter.

Zara is a perfect example of what a company in this century of world-wide web, technology innovation and social media needs to do. But big companies like Zara are not the only ones who profit from this. Especially small companies and start-ups can take advantages of gadgets and platforms in the internet. In the world of internet, online presence is the key term. But what exactly is an online presence? Is a page on Facebook and an own website enough? Not really. According to it is a lot more:

Online presence doesn’t mean just having a website. It is a broad phrase that includes all aspects of internet marketing; websites, blogs, social media profiles, business listings, and client testimonials with regard to the products and services being offered.

Having this in mind, online presence offers big chances for any company in internet marketing and spreading the word as it is not only a company website. It is way more! But how to use all means of online presence efficiently?

It is commonly mistaken, that online presence costs a lot of money. In fact, it can cost you a lot of money, but if you know the right gadgets and online services, it can even be for free.

Once you are becoming an entrepreneur and want to boost your company, there are a variety of ways to do so. You can find real gold mines when it comes to social media advertising, publishing, editing or sharing. And let me tell you, Facebook is not the only way!

This week I will introduce a very useful tool that can help your business gain more presence and at the same time look really cool.

Imagine you are starting your online business, offering beautiful little cupcakes and cakes. You would really like to have a booklet introducing you to your customers, your philosophy, your products and of course provide some images of your products as your business is online.

Printing would cost some money, and the distribution of these booklets could be a challenge as you are seated in a small village close to Berlin. What to do?

What would you say if I told you that there is an online service where you can create an online booklet, which would be open for all possible customers having access to the internet and on top is for free?! Don’t think there is something like that? Well, there is… ISSUU it’s called!

What it is: 

ISSUU is an online publication service that allows everybody to upload any types of documents or to publish magazines and makes it easy to collect, post, share images, layouts and communicate with other publishers all over the world. Check out an example here to see how your work can look like.

How it works:

1. Get yourself an account.

2. Log in and explore ISSUU by watching some videos.

3. Upload you documents and make them available for many readers online.

4. Read, collect, and share!

What others think:

Online and digital publishing is gaining more and more importance. Just think of the invention of the Kindle or the iPad. According to, for the first time Amazon sold more eBooks than real books in 2009 at Christmas, which proves that digital publications are increasingly demanded as is is much more convenient and faster to get. 

For this reason ISSUU seems to have found the perfect market niche and is surely going to spread very quickly.

 Six Reasons to Publish on (taken from

  • Three view modes (magazine, presentation and paper) allow flexibility
  • Upload any kind of document
  • Connect with others in the Issuu Community who are interested in real estate
  • Create a personal library at to track the number of people viewing, bookmarking, and linking your publications
  • Integrate into your own website
  • It is free to use the basic version and low-cost for IssuuPro (which has no ads)
As you can see there are many different applications ISSUU publications offer. But that is not all. Adam Robbert points out the networking possibilities ISSUU can enhance.
As scholars continue to publish work online more frequently, I can see this kind of sharing, embedding, and linking becoming a standard citation practice that connects the article to the larger network of information from which it emerges.
Concerning the aesthetic aspects, ISSUU can score, too. ISSUU makes documents look professional and appealing. adds:
People who use ISSUU can create beautiful online publications that look and act like virtual magazines, complete with crystal clear images and pages that turn at the corners.Overall, Issuu is an excellent step forward in the realm of good-looking digital publications.
How ISSUU impacts online marketing strategies, many people have some great examples. Just think of online fashion catalogues or music magazines presenting new artists and musicians. By this mean of media the sales are certainly  boosted.
Another example: explains the advantages of real estate agents using ISSUU:
Real estate agents can use’s services as an online promotion tool for their property brochures, market reports, multiple page fliers, or presentation packets that allow visitors to turn pages with a click of the mouse. Upload your piece and promote yourself with style and class. Your finished document can be incorporated into your website or social media platform, such as Facebook or Blogger.
I personally already signed up and can say that it is really easy to upload, publish and share on this platform. Moreover, other publishers have great and beautiful magazines I already added to my favorites!
In case you got curious about ISSUU and always wanted to publish your own magazine, or you simply want to make some documents available to the public, feel free to explore ISSUU!

About Mai

My name is Mai, I'm 23 years old and currently studying in Berlin. I am especially interested in different cultures, art, design and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. This is my first time blogging, I will try to provide many interesting and diverse topics and inspirations for you to read. I'm open for discussions, feedback and ideas from other bloggers, so don't be shy if there are any questions or suggestions. Have fun exploring!
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8 Responses to Publish your own magazine – ONLINE!

  1. mirkalilka says:

    Very useful information that you shared with us here. Thanks for that! Since you wrote several posts about visual aesthetics, fonts and compositions, you managed very well to apply your knowledge to your own blog post. You have quoted many professionals and experts, but still the quotations don’t make your post look messy or ill-structured. You totally do without the bold feature to emphasize certain key words which is really cool.Thereby you don’t take the risk that your post might look confusing. I definitely consider that in my next post. What I also liked is the fact that you established a meaningful connection between this post and your previous blog entries about Zara or social media. It totally makes sense to me.

    However, what you could have done, is include some negative opinions about Issuu. Are there any? What do critics say?
    You mentioned that not only big companies can make use of Issuu but especially start-ups, small companies and even real estate agents. Do you know any start-ups or real estate agents who already use Issuu?

  2. Mai says:

    Hey mirkalilka,
    thanks for your comment, and I hope other readers will find this post as useful as you 😉
    To be honest I really could not find any criticism about ISSUU on the internet. There seems to be only positive feedback on ISSUU, but maybe because ISSUU is not so well spread so far. So let’s keep our eyes open.
    About some examples using ISSUU, there are sooo many, from big companies to small one-person companies. It is so diverse, so I found it really difficult to pick some special ones. If you are interested in it, I just can recommend to look through some different magazines on ISSUU to see how people use ISSUU and maybe get inspired by them 😉

    • Mai says:

      Hi mirkalilka, I wanted to add some information on ISSUU regarding your question on criticism. From a person’s view that wants to publish an online magazine, there is rarely any criticism as I said before. But concerning some technical issues I have to adjust my answer. There seem to be several problems. I found a hot debate on compatibility and reader experience on this blog: .
      His main arguments regarding technical problems are:
      1. According to the author ISSUU magazines are not readable on iPhone and iPad since ISSUU uses Flash. I did not think of this problem because I have a MacBook and there were no problems at all reading online publications on ISSUU. I have no experience with iPad and iPhone, but it would be interesting to see if this claim on no readability is true.
      Counter-argument: Apple products are not the majority. Windows products and Android phones mainly all have Flash, so they should be able to read ISSUU content without any problems. Moreover, they are working on the problem! I saw a special category “read on iPad”, so I assume there is a way to read ISSUU content on iPad and iPhone.

      2. ISSUU does not seem to support search functions related to your content you publish on their platform. Search results are rather linked to your magazine on ISSUU but not to your person or your website if you embedded your magazine there.
      Counter-argument: The publisher is shown on ISSUU, so in case there are people who want to find out more about your work etc. they will be provided with information about you and links to your website etc. in the “about this publisher” page.

      3. Reading ISSUU content implies full screen mode. The author believes that this switch to full screen interface may confuse the readers because they have to adapt to this new interface resulting in a bad reader experience. The author suggests to use PDF instead.
      Counter- arguments: PDF is not as easy to embed as ISSUU magazines and it is often linked with downloading a document, which needs storage on your PC. On top of that, by using full screen, ISSUU gets rid of scroll bars ( which I think are often very annoying. Since it is full-screen, it is more likely to feel like a “real” magazine, where you have to turn pages.

      4. ISSUU is host of your content, so as I understood it ISSUU could simply delete your publication for some reasons.
      Counter-argument: They would not delete something you published unless there is a reason for doing so. Moreover, one should not rely on the internet and always have a back up version somewhere.

      I hope this is answering your question 🙂

  3. Bruce Spear says:

    Well, I’m completely delighted to get to the bottom of this page, because I skimmed through the post and thought it wonderful advertising and marketing copy for Issuu, and wanting to know what was wrong with it typed “problems with ISSUU” into Google and found two excellent, detailed reviews that convinced me not to touch it. And now in the comments I find mirkalilka asking the same questions, and reviewing her last, excellent post,, I can see why: she’s intent on seeing a problem from multiple-points-of-view: she’s drunk the kool-aid. So, Mai: what search terms did you use? And how many different ones and how deep? I found only two critics for every 20 cheerleaders, but scrolling and scanning are fast if you know what your are looking for … More generally, I’m completely delighted to see mirkalilka asking you this question, which I am sure you will answer nicely on your next try, because we have moved from the “being nice” phase in our comments to “no more Mr. Nice Guy”, and in this instance I think the method has tremendous potential: Mai, the challenge is on you (yup, sounds like a test: I found a dozen reasons why not ISSUU and am not going to reveal my secrets, you’ll have to go on the wild goose chase!). Enjoy!

    • Mai says:

      Hey Bruce,
      when I read my post again, I have to admit you are completely right when saying this is a perfect ad for ISSUU. I think I was just too fascinated and blinded since ISSUU seems to be so easy, beautiful to look at and for free. I totally skipped technical factors and I searched for ISSUU criticism,mainly looking for negative aspects concerning doing business. So I guess I used already to narrow search terms when looking for negative factors. On top, I forgot to turn on Google blog search!
      Thanks for your comment, I will try to give mirkalilka and myself a more satisfying answer.

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  5. g harden says:

    Flash is indeed a problem that Issuu has claimed they will solve but have not done so. Websites that use an Issuu embed to show the document end up with holes and blank spots if a person is reading from an iPad or iPhone…

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