This Week on FastExposure

This week on FastExposure all of us are going to continue digging even deeper into our topics.

Mirella is going to expand upon ethical fashion. This week she’ll take a closer look at Gucci and their CSR practices. Furthermore she will evaluate whether ethical fashion genuinely is good. So if you liked her previous post or wear Gucci sunglasses you don’t want to miss this!

After introducing ADHD and explaining about how to live with the illness, Kathi is now going to offer different perspectives on the subject. What do experts say about this modern illness? This post will offer you a lot of different opinions so don’t forget to look into it.

Did Lilly entice you with her posts on CSR light and CSR deep companies? This week she will take a closer look at a specific company and expose is CSR practices. Are they in fact socially responsible or are they implementing CSR as a simple PR trick?

Nicky will elaborate on women in management and scrutinize what different methods are taken to further empower women and take action against gender inequality in management. Especially interesting for females hoping to work in this profession.

And to round off the week following the introduction of Pinterest and Tumblr as online platforms Mai is now going to analyze their usability for marketing purposes and compare user differences. If you loved her first post make sure to look into this one as well!

To wrap it up:

Monday: Mirella on ethical fashion: Gucci’s CSR practices and is ethical fashion really good?

Tuesday: Kathi on different perspectives on ADHD

Wednesday: Lilly on exposing a company as CSR light or CSR deep

Thursday: Nicky on empowering methods for women in management

Friday: Mai on Pinterest and Tumblr: usability for marketing purposes and user differences


About Nicpic

My name is Nicola but I usually go by Nicky. I'm 21 years old and study International Business Management at the HWR in Berlin. Before moving to Berlin I spent a year traveling around Southeast Asia as well as Australia. I am very passionate about different cultures, languages and exploring the world, which is partially due to the fact that I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for four and a half years. Apart from that I am a huge music fan and love doing all sorts of team sports, whether it's Basketball, Soccer or Volleyball. Fastexposure is my first Blog, which I am really enjoying so far! I try to offer a great variety of topics always with a hint of humour and some personal experiences since I find those stories are easier and more enjoyable to read! Still I hope I can also always offer some interesting new facts. If you have any further questions,input, ideas or would like to be included as a part time Blogger just contact me! Cheers and enjoy our Blog!
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