This week on “fastexposure”!

Like every Sunday, “fastexposure” is going to inform you about our upcoming blog posts this week.

On Monday, Mirella is going to focus on a special issue with regards to ethical fashion and CSR.

Kathi is going to publish a post about future perspectives of doctors on Thusday.

On Wednesday, Lilly wants to talk about time management, especially why students are prone to procrastination.

Nicola is going to continue with her topic “Women in Management” on Thursday and

Mai will write about contrasting tumblr and pinterest´s marketing purposes as well as user differences on Friday.

Are you ready for some new exposures?


About Lilly

Hei! Moi! Terve! My name is Lilly and I am a German business student spending two semesters abroad in Helsinki, Finland. I already felt in love with my new home in August, but now I decided to share my experiences with you. My aim is to give you an understanding of Finland itself, its culture as well as some advices at first hand; but hopefully, you are also convinced to get your own impressions visiting this breathtaking country at least once in your life. Tervetuloa!
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