Colorful recipe share or minimalist individualism!? Part II

The last post explained some aspects of marketability of Pinterest and Tumblr. We learned that target groups and brand appearance are some important factors to consider when deciding which platform to use for marketing.

This week we will contrast both social platforms from a user’s point of view: Which one supports individualism and usability, how do they differ in terms of functionality ?

The user’s perspective

As a potential user of social platform like Pinterest or Tumblr, first of all it is important to know what your aim of using them is and to see whether you get along with all the functions and applications they can offer.

What kind of person are you?

First of all it is important to ask yourself what type of character you are. Are you a person that wants to express yourself and be creative on your own or rather someone who wants to see what others are doing and kind of let yourself get inspired.

Surely, the first alternative is rather more time-consuming than the latter since you are more concerned with discovering and trying to put into words what you think, your feelings etc. For this reason Tumblr is a better place to do so because like mentioned in the last post it offers more ways for expression like music, written text or videos, not only pictures.

This is also reflected in the numbers: The average Tumblr user spends an average of 2.5 hours per month ‘tumbling while Pinterest user spends “only” 98 minutes per month on the site ,’ according to Comscore.

Pinterest on the other hand gives you much more visual input, you tend to repin or like pins from others and not doing your own business resulting in keeping Pinterest as an inspiration source or bookmarking tool, which saves you a lot of time. Moreover, Pinterest lives from sharing and repining, the advantages for marketing purposes I already mentioned.

Marguerite Happe wrote :

Content published on Tumblr can vary from photographs to audio clips to quotes or even plain text and links. Essentially, Tumblr offers a larger variety of options to publish content whereas the appeal of Pinterest is in the organization.


People like Jess from observed the shift from traditional blogs to visual social platforms such as Pinterest and to some extent Tumblr for getting inspired. On her blog she is rising the question of why it is the way it is and whether blogs are about to become extinct.

Responses were diverse: Some argue that the Internet is based upon speed and scrolling down. Blog posts may be too long and extensive whereas Pinterest or Tumblr offer a page to read and see lots and lots of images without consuming a lot of time. Others shared their opposing experiences:

Pinterest is too busy for me, and so I am getting tired of it already. I don’t think it will replace the blogs. It has a different purpose and is a different tool. Its a bit like looking at a glossy magazine that has lots of great inspiring pictures but you still need the in-depth info to learn about your subject matter ie how others live, love and do. ( Leonie on has brought me to many different blogs. I wouldn’t have found your blog without it. (Lora on

Eventually you cannot say that visual platform like Pinterest of Tumblr are replacing blogs, they are rather supplementing each other and together they provide lots of inspiration.


When thinking about individualism, it is visible that Pinterest’s layout is rather limited, like Marguerite Happe says, every Pinterest page is identical. Of course you can create your own unique ‘boards’ to pin on the page, nevertheless general layout will be the same for each user. Also, Pinterest is not used for publishing original content but for sharing and repining.

Like mentioned before, on Tumblr you create original themes, meaning each page is completely individualized. On top extra content like music or text make a Tumblr page much more personalized. Anindya adds that pages can be added and a simple website can be created within the Tumblr platform. Pinterest is more visually oriented than Tumblr, where as Tumblr is more of a publishing platform, so better for individualists.

Functionality and design

Pinterest being a pinboard, it is a lot busier with five columns in a page, the advantage is that you see a lot in a single page but you have a higher chance of missing something.

Tumblr is a minimalist approach ,Tumblr websites have a linear single column design,a handful of posts in each page and you can easily go from the newest to the oldest post; therefore it is simpler and easier to navigate but you do need to go through a number of pages.

With regards to linking, Pinterest is working much more effective: explains, once you pin something, Pinterest would then do the rest and you would not have to download and upload the image. It automatically indicates the source and true owner of the image. On the contrary, Tumblr cannot do the same, so you need to manually indicate where you got the image if it is not yours.

Now it’s up to you to decide which platform is more suitable for you. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and every person has to decide on his/her own what to do with it.

About Mai

My name is Mai, I'm 23 years old and currently studying in Berlin. I am especially interested in different cultures, art, design and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. This is my first time blogging, I will try to provide many interesting and diverse topics and inspirations for you to read. I'm open for discussions, feedback and ideas from other bloggers, so don't be shy if there are any questions or suggestions. Have fun exploring!
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