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My name is Nicola but I usually go by Nicky. I'm 21 years old and study International Business Management at the HWR in Berlin. Before moving to Berlin I spent a year traveling around Southeast Asia as well as Australia. I am very passionate about different cultures, languages and exploring the world, which is partially due to the fact that I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for four and a half years. Apart from that I am a huge music fan and love doing all sorts of team sports, whether it's Basketball, Soccer or Volleyball. Fastexposure is my first Blog, which I am really enjoying so far! I try to offer a great variety of topics always with a hint of humour and some personal experiences since I find those stories are easier and more enjoyable to read! Still I hope I can also always offer some interesting new facts. If you have any further questions,input, ideas or would like to be included as a part time Blogger just contact me! Cheers and enjoy our Blog!

Women In Management – We can do it! Part II

Last week I started introducing a topic very close to my heart as well as the majority of the people reading this Blog “Women in Management” and more precisely what you can do to improve your situtation. Check it out … Continue reading

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Women in Management – We can do it! Part I

I want to start this post by telling you a little story. Last week some of my fellow students were invited to participate in the Google workshop. Once it was finished one of them Conny aka LittleMissPanda told me about … Continue reading

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This Week on FastExposure

This week on FastExposure all of us are going to continue digging even deeper into our topics.

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Women and Management – Prejudice or Truth

While researching my last topic on CSR I discovered an interesting study from Catalyst and Harvard Business School (HBS). The study proposes that there exists a strong interdependence between the degree of Corporate Social Responsibility and the portion of women  … Continue reading

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The Business of Doing Well by Doing Good

In my last post ExxonMobil and the true value of CSR I introduced the opinion of Milton Friedman as well as David Vogel, two well-respected economists, who both sharply criticize Corporate Social Responsibility. Friedman refers to CSR as “hypocritical window-dressing” … Continue reading

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ExxonMobil and the value of CSR

While researching ExxonMobil I stumbled over an interesting story. On March 24 1989 the Exxon Valdez, on oil tanker crashed spilling 260,000 to 750,000 barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Alaska. Up until the Deepwater Horizon oil spill … Continue reading

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Are we dependent on computers? NO!

Lilly one of my coauthors already introduced you to this hot topic in her post yesterday. She gave you an extensive and impressive lists of arguments that seem to prove that we are dependent on computers. So how come I … Continue reading

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