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Hei! Moi! Terve! My name is Lilly and I am a German business student spending two semesters abroad in Helsinki, Finland. I already felt in love with my new home in August, but now I decided to share my experiences with you. My aim is to give you an understanding of Finland itself, its culture as well as some advices at first hand; but hopefully, you are also convinced to get your own impressions visiting this breathtaking country at least once in your life. Tervetuloa!

Exam next week? No problem!

“Hey, how was your weekend?” “Very exciting! I celebrated the birthday of my sister and had a good night´s rest. And you?” “Well, I started to prepare for the Corporate Finance exam.” “How commendable! Have you progressed well?” “Somehow yes. … Continue reading

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This week on “fastexposure”!

Like every Sunday, “fastexposure” is going to inform you about our upcoming blog posts this week. On Monday, Mirella is going to focus on a special issue with regards to ethical fashion and CSR. Kathi is going to publish a … Continue reading

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The “CSR double life” of Deichmann

In my last posts I wrote about two different kinds of companies: the “CSR light” ones and the deep CSR enterprises. I also mentioned some examples of firms like “Krombacher” as well as “dm” which are representatives of those CSR … Continue reading

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“Deep CSR companies do exist”

In my last blog post I talked about the phenomenon of CSR light companies and what their traits are. I also mentioned some examples of enterprises which perform in such a way. Unfortunately, I recognized that I offered a quite … Continue reading

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The phenomenon of CSR light companies

“The majority of firm´s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are just marketing strategies and PR” says Karsten Killian, brand consultant of “”. Therefore, a new form of CSR established: the CSR light company. But what does this term mean exactly? … Continue reading

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How ExxonMobil influences the environment

As one of the leading petroleum and natural gas companies worldwide, ExxonMobil just has to influence our environment somehow. Because the firm produces energy, it is confronted with environmental risks every day. Therefore, managers are asked to adapt to an … Continue reading

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Are we dependent on computers? Yes!

During our research, my group figured out a very interesting but controversial discussion: Are we dependent on computers? I mean- we all use them in our everyday life for hours and we are freaked out if they don´t work! While … Continue reading

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