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My name is Mai, I'm 23 years old and currently studying in Berlin. I am especially interested in different cultures, art, design and like to be surrounded by beautiful things. This is my first time blogging, I will try to provide many interesting and diverse topics and inspirations for you to read. I'm open for discussions, feedback and ideas from other bloggers, so don't be shy if there are any questions or suggestions. Have fun exploring!

Colorful recipe share or minimalist individualism!? Part II

The last post explained some aspects of marketability of Pinterest and Tumblr. We learned that target groups and brand appearance are some important factors to consider when deciding which platform to use for marketing. This week we will contrast both … Continue reading

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Colorful recipe share or minimalist individualism!? Part I

Last week I gave you a short impression on both Pinterest and Tumblr and we checked some general differences. Today let’s have a closer look on their differences and in what way they are more or less suitable for various … Continue reading

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Spread ideas and get inspired!

Sharing and spreading ideas and information, collecting pictures and pieces of information, connecting to other people or simply looking for some creative inspirations; there are many ways to do so especially since the world-wide web exists. ISSUU was just one … Continue reading

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This week on FastExposure

Like always, we will have some interesting topic for you to explore this week. You are interested in fashion, but also spend some thoughts on ethics and ethical behavior of the fashion industry? Then you should check out Mirella’s blog … Continue reading

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Publish your own magazine – ONLINE!

In some of my posts I tried to explain how important it is for a company to consider visual as well as social media aspects. For advertising purposes, the combination of both is essential when it comes to attracting new … Continue reading

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Why algae is not only used by sushi masters but also by Exxon Mobil

In our blog post on monday,Mirella already gave a hint to today’s topic. Today we are having a closer look on efforts Exxon Mobil is making when it comes to alternative energies.

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Visual aesthetics III – basics of typography

In the last two posts I gave a short introduction and explained why choosing the right font and design can determine whether your business is going to succeed of not. This week we will shift the focus to a different … Continue reading

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Visual aesthetics II – choosing the right font

In my last post I started to enter the world of typography and design since it is gaining more and more importance in advertising industry. But what is important to know about fonts and design from a business point of view? … Continue reading

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Visual aesthetics I – a short introduction

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When the cat is greeting you…

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