Once upon a time in a kingdom of HWR there was a King. The king was very unhappy. He had tried to establish an understanding of business applications but instead laziness and fear of technology had invaded his kingdom. His villagers did not sing and communicate anymore but instead barely left their houses. Desperate he called for the  five bravest young women in his entire kingdom and set them out for a quest. To conquer the beast technology and set and example to all the villagers. There was Mirella the scribe of the group. With her black curls, tall posture and razor-sharp – fashion sense her additional task was to document the progress of their quest. Mai the webwizard, who had mastered the mysterious art of wordpress and tried to support her four companions in every possible way! Lilly the little blond fairy With her mind-mapping powers she developed a plan to solve their quest. The fourth addition was Katharina the princess with golden hair from a foreign land up north. As princess she possessed an incredible amount of maps and spells, with which she enriched the group! The last member was Nicola the knight and group leader. Her task was to coordinate the group and keep them on the path to their quest and she lead the way on her white steed. Together they set out to educate people all over the kingdom and make them aware of what they were missing. Through the moor of fast fashion, across the ravine of Information technology and over the mountain range of Hpyer markup. On their journey they have already met a lot of fellow companions like Maxim the centaur who accompanied them a short while on  their journey, warning them about the dangers of the Plagiarism forest.

Together they seek the end of the second semester where they will hopefully be rewarded with new knowledge and good grades. Be part of their journey and help them with comments and good advice!

After fostering the storm that tried to discourage our five heroines from continuing on their journey they are now almost at the end. In the kingdom of HWR and webville the little village just outside on the foot of the mountain people were starting to hum again. They had heard of the wild adventures the five brave young women had conquered and their hearts were filled with the melodies of Acta, young enterprises and good ideas. Being inspired several new fisherman stands, woodshops and smithies had been newly opened. Together with the group they had been taken on a journey through the savanna of typography, fonts and design and had screamed and sighed at the shocking revelations concerning one of the kingdoms trusted advisors ExxonMobil. Nevertheless the monster still loomed in front of them merely Four delicate weeks away. The king tried to help them with all his might as the evil  henchmen”examinations” and “hassle” tried to prevent fastexposure from reaching the evil layer but together they faced them and got away even if not uninjured.

As they continued on their quest all of the five young brave women started to adapt certain skills. Kathi the princess started to educate the villagers about ADHD, whilst Lilly the fairy continued working on her CSR magic. Mai already knew how to cast spells therefore she looked into applications like Tumblr and Pinterest to further her skills. Meanwhile Mirella the giant whose true passion lies in fashion found a way of helping the group by exploring CSR in fashion. Lastly Nicola the knight felt inspired by all those strong and amazing women around her and seeked to find ways to help them realize their full potential!

Over the time they learned to not only to rely on each other but also on other experts they met along the way. They started to comprehend that other people might know more and that there is no shame in accepting help or quoting others people’s wisdom and magic spells. Through the help of time, perseverance and friends as well as companions they met along the way the five brave ones finally reached their destination “The beast technology”!

All of them were ready to fight and slay the monster.

As they approached the cave they prepared to hear the mighty frightening roar of the beats. Imagine their surprise when instead they heard soft cries and whimpering. Together they entered the cave and as Lilly and Mai cast lightening spells they discovered that the monster they had feared was indeed only a little sad creature sitting in a corner.

“What is wrong my dear little creature?”, asked Kathi.

“The villagers all hate me and fear me, but in reality I only want to help all of you and find friends”, cried technology.

The five girls looked at each other, nodded in agreement and then held out their hands.

Mirella looked at technology and told it, “Well dear technology if it’s peace and companionship you long for you have come to the right place!”

All of them traveled back to the village in mere seconds thanks to Mai’s and Lilly’s travel spell, where Nicola spoke to the villagers and king. “Technology has only been misunderstood by us! It didn’t mean us any harm! Let us all live together peacefully and let communication and song reenter our hearts!”

And the king was pleased. Together the five brave young women had achieved to get the villagers to sing and communicate again and now they did not have to fear the beast technology anymore! Instead it lived peacefully among them. From that day on the sun never stopped shining in the kingdom of HWR far far away. The villagers were communicating and it was music to the king’s ears, the quest had been succesful!

The five women were happy not to have completed the quest but knew they had found a treasure worth keeping on their journey!

Thanks to all of you that have supported our team one way or the other these last couple of month! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Your fastexposure team

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