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ADHD – A conspiracy?

There are many ways to deal with ADHD. I already told you about the different ways of treating ADHD. Some bear more risks than others. If you already forgot about it, you can of course reread everything in one of … Continue reading

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Why algae is not only used by sushi masters but also by Exxon Mobil

In our blog post on monday,Mirella already gave a hint to today’s topic. Today we are having a closer look on efforts Exxon Mobil is making when it comes to alternative energies.

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The Business of Attachment Parenting

Jamie Lynne Grumet, 26- year-old mother of two children in Los Angeles, is the woman on Time’s May 21 cover story which caused heated debates about the effectiveness of attachment parenting. It is this particular photograph that shows Grumet, proponent … Continue reading

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