Today I want to publish the last mind map of my group. I used “mindmeister” again because I have made good experiences with this mindmapping program.

As you see, my group focuses on two main topics during the last three weeks: “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Exxon Mobile”. The reason is that we started to focus on a weekly theme which is the threat of our blog post.

Therefore, everyone wrotes about a certain aspect she is interested in, for example “energy” and “lobbying” with regards to the oil company “Exxon Mobil”. Kathi and I also focuses on the same topic “environment” but we splitted it up in two blog post: “climate change” and “hurricanes“.

The other weekly topic was “Corporate Social Responsibility” which was also part of the Exxon theme written by Nicpic. Thus, those two terms are connected via a green arrow. Here, we wrote about “Synergy”, “Positive Impacts (of CSR)” as well as about “criticism“. Moreover, I compared companies practising CSR (“CSR heavyweights“) and those who don´t (“CSR light”). Another good example is the fabulous blog post written by Mirella  about “ethical fashion” which can be linked to the environmental CSR issue as well.

To make our blogging more interesting and personal, Mai continues writing about her “Aethetics” advices with an emphasis on “marketing strategies“. This topic either has a connection to her subtheme “Advertisement” of the category “IT“. “Social Media” is another adequate linkage to this category written by Mai which seems to be her field she is interested in.

Kathi focuses on a quite different topic “health” with a special emphasis on “ADHD” as well as “medication“. This category is also influenced by “advertisement” which is the reason for the connection of both terms.

In our next blog post, we will focus on those categories and try to find more subcategories, e.g. of “CSR” and “Health”. Thus we dig deeper into the subject by a more specialized research and including opinions of professionals.


Because 3-4 weeks are over, I will update the mind map of the 02.05.2012. This time, I used “mindmeister” instead of “Lucidchart” to try a new technology.

The content seems to be nearly the same compared to the main categories “Business” and “IT” but my group has added even more, for example “Health”, “Education” and “Aethetics”. These categories are illustrated with a blue frame and a light-blue background color. They all consists of various subcategories like “AISEC” as a part of “Culture”, which was the topic of katharinakueppers´ blogpost. It is also possible that our subcategories have sub-sub-categories, for example “Kino.to” as a part of “copy right”, which is a subcategory of “Politics”.

The green arrows embody the relationships between two terms in the mind map. There is, for instance, a relation between the subcategories “Dependance” and “Computers”. That´s because Nicpic and I, lilmeu, wrote about whether we are addicted to computers or not.
It is also possible to draw an arrow between a category (“IT”) and a subcategory (“Computer Gadgets”).

Like in the original mindmap of the 02.05., I included the category “Future Ideas” which consists some topics my group wants to write about. Therefore, this special category is demonstrated in special colors as well (pink). Please note that these “Future Ideas” are just some thoughts. We-as a group-agreed that terms of this category can change depending on our blog posts.


As the “mind mapper” of my group, I created one with “Lucidchart” you can see below. I used this program rather than “mindmeister” because I wanted to try something new and do something different.
Basically, the mind map of my group contains all the brainstorming results we collected during the BusApps class last Wednesday. Therefore, we focused on some main topics our blog will include until the end of June (or even longer, let´s see 🙂 ).

As you can see, our blog “Fastexposure” demonstrates the title as well as centre of our mind map. This is because our blog itself is the starting point of our thoughts and collection of ideas which are illustrated around it. To get a clearer overview, you should notice that we have two main categories of our blog: “Business” and “IT” in the red boxes. During our blog posting we will find some more of these categories for sure. But until now, we just focus on them because we suppose them to be the key themes of our BusApps course this semester.

In the case of “Business”, there are four subcategories “Marketing”, “Music”, “Fashion” and “Business Models”, illustrated in the green boxes. They all are about Business and can generate their own subthemes like “Advertisement” of “Marketing”. Another example is that “Zara” is related to “Business models” on the one hand and to “Fashion” on the other hand. This phenomenon will occur in the “Gema” theme as well, which can be assigned to “Music” and to “Plagiarism”, a subcategory of “IT”. This is because some topics can relate to more than one upper-level grouping.
In addition to “Plagiarism”, the second main category “IT” also contains the “HTML” topic that we discussed in class as well. Until now, our “IT” department contains fewer subthemes than “Business”. But we think that this will change because we assume to gain more interest in technology during the BusApps classes.

Last Wednesday, we already collected some blog-post-themes for the future entries. Those are the thoughts illustrated in the yellow “clouds”. For example, we are interested in writing about “Movies” and “Events” which both can contain some “Cinema” issues. “Travelling” is another exciting blog post which can be about some “Cities”, like “Berlin”. Additionally, our group would like to talk about some current “Food” stuff, for example about “Grocery” and moreover with respect to “Business models” like Mc Donald’s. This “Food”-idea might contain the subtheme “health” which can be a topic of “Environment” as well.

Notice that the yellow ideas of future entries can change or be expanded time during our blogging. That means that this mind map does not demonstrate THE ultimate plan of our future writing! It is just something like a basis we are geared to. To keep you informed about our thoughts, we will update a new mind map every three weeks.

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