Women in Management – We can do it! Part I

I want to start this post by telling you a little story. Last week some of my fellow students were invited to participate in the Google workshop. Once it was finished one of them Conny aka LittleMissPanda told me about it enthusiastically and completely blown away. However she also mentioned that now she could really comprehend what it is probably going to be like for us women to try to make it as influential managers. She was the sole female in a group of males and when trying to include her opinion and input she was often passed over. A lot of the time the males of the group did not sufficiently include or communicate with her.

In my last blog post Women and Management  – Prejudice or Truth I wrote about how women are still underrepresented in top management position. This week I originally planned on writing about what is being done by governments and corporations. However after hearing this story and after talking to Mai, Mirella and Kathi some of my fellow Bloggers I decided to change my topic to a more relevant one. In my last two posts I do not want to write about what is being done but what can we do!

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The “CSR double life” of Deichmann

In my last posts I wrote about two different kinds of companies: the “CSR light” ones and the deep CSR enterprises. I also mentioned some examples of firms like “Krombacher” as well as “dm” which are representatives of those CSR categories.

However, there are also some controversial companies in discussion:
do they perform real CSR activities or not?

A well-known example with regards to this issue is Deichmann, a German shoe retail chain, headquartered in Essen. You may don´t know a lot of facts about the economic activities of that company because it rarely informs the public about its subsistence strategy.

On the one hand, the company acts as a real “CSR heavyweight” because of it focuses on customer service and improved working conditions. But on the other hand, some critics claim that the enterprise do not pays attention to a sustainable and environmentally production.

Are those opinions true?
Why is Deichmann reserved about talking about its subsistence strategy?
Does the company want to hide something?
What are the pro-arguments for Deichmann as a deep CSR company?
What are the cons?
How do professionals evaluate this problem?

Fastexposure has the answers!

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ADHD – Identity issues

In my last post I told you about all the different ways of treating ADHD.
Medication, therapy, dieting and even homeopathic remedies.
But what happens if you decide to leave it untreated or worse, to stop the treatment?

I don’t exactly know when I started taking the medications. I think it was around first grade when the little mysterious pills began appearing next to my cup of apple juice at breakfast. I had what my parents called “ADHD.”

I recognized in myself everything that they and the doctors told me about myself: I was hyper, easily distracted, and persistently bugging just about everyone in my vicinity.

[…] These symptoms seemed to improve with the meds, and whenever I forgot to take the pills, it was unbearable. I threw tantrums, disagreed with everything and got nothing done. […]

I got into my dream school, a very prestigious liberal arts school far from home, and made a decision. This decision changed my concept of identity: I decided to go off of the ADHD medication. […]

Above all, I wanted to prove to myself that my behavioral problems weren’t anything I couldn’t control without my meds.

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CSR & ethical fashion part II – Gucci’s eco gear vs. luxury goods made in China

In the first part of my “CSR and ethical fashion”- work we took a closer look at luxury brands and their CSR activities and examined whether ethical fashion is exclusively being practiced among high street brands like Zara or Urban Outfitters or already extended across the fast fashion market and reached high-end fashion houses.

The answer was “yes” given the fact that renowned British designer Vivienne Westwood is committed to her Ethical Fashion Africa project for several years now. Ecologically sustainable and recyclable fashion is being produced meanwhile poverty issues are addressed and local entrepreneurship is promoted.

The question that remained in my previous blog post was: Has CSR really reached the luxury brands or do the just skim the surface of responsible business?

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This Week on FastExposure

This week on FastExposure all of us are going to continue digging even deeper into our topics.

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Women and Management – Prejudice or Truth

While researching my last topic on CSR I discovered an interesting study from Catalyst and Harvard Business School (HBS). The study proposes that there exists a strong interdependence between the degree of Corporate Social Responsibility and the portion of women  in executive management. Furthermore the study states that business benefit from employing women in upper hierarchy level not only from a higher potential for sustainable growth but also financially. Since 90% of my class including me are women aspiring to become managers one day I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at women in management.

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Spread ideas and get inspired!

Sharing and spreading ideas and information, collecting pictures and pieces of information, connecting to other people or simply looking for some creative inspirations; there are many ways to do so especially since the world-wide web exists.

ISSUU was just one example of a platform where you can do so. And of course social communities like Facebook or Twitter are well-known for their power to spread ideas and usability for marketing purposes. But there are other rising platform, which are captivating people all over the world and should not be underestimated.

In the next blog posts I’m going to share some other online communities, which offer a big variety of ideas, inspirations and collections.

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