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Publish your own magazine – ONLINE!

In some of my posts I tried to explain how important it is for a company to consider visual as well as social media aspects. For advertising purposes, the combination of both is essential when it comes to attracting new … Continue reading

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Visual aesthetics II – choosing the right font

In my last post I started to enter the world of typography and design since it is gaining more and more importance in advertising industry. But what is important to know about fonts and design from a business point of view? … Continue reading

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Visual aesthetics I – a short introduction

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The power of social media

“”Hey, did you see these really cool vintage sunglasses on Asos.com?” “When did you have time to look for new sunglasses? You should do something for uni.” “No, I just saw it on facebook. I thing I’ll get them, they … Continue reading

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How to be successful without any advertisement

What comes in your mind when you think about a ZARA advertisement? Nothing? Well, you are right, there is actually nothing to visualize because the fashion retailer never campaigned for itself. No TV spots, no placards and no press advertisement … Continue reading

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